About Me

Civil Engineering is a vast engineering field with multi-discipline areas. One can go in for complicated structures or settle with eco-friendly green structures. I prefer the latter one.

I wish to enumerate some of the works I had done during these years.

I did my graduation in the College of Engineering, Trivandrum. Thereafter I had a brief spell in the KHRWS on contract basis. After that period, I joined a Central Government Department and had done structural designs of various structures for a period of over four and a half years. During that period, I consolidated my design skills which became handy for me for the rest of my life. For the next four years, I had been supervising works in the same department. I became familiar with specifications and contract clauses during this period. I got my basic experience in controlling works during this period. During this spell, I supervised the construction of some large buildings. It was during this period that a ferrocement water tank was designed and constructed by me. It was during this same period that I started my experiments with fibre reinforced concrete.

During the early period of 1993, I joined the Irrigation Deparment of Kerala State. I started my career in the Irrigation Department working in a Project in Trivandrum. During my initial spell in the Irrigation Department also, I had designed and executed a number of buildings for the project. In addition to this, I had done a lot of surveying and leveling works during this period.

Towards to the end of 1996, I got transferred to Trivandrum and vested with duties regarding maintenance of ponds and drains including major ones. During the three year spell in Trivandrum, I got an insight into the watershed and necessity of rainwater harnessing in and around Trivandrum City. There was once a well knit drain, canal and river system in Trivandrum City. That was the time when our economy centered around agriculture. On the onslaught of urbanization, our watersheds got destroyed and flood and drought surfaced intermittently. Once we revamp our ponds and drains and once we set in a water management system, we can overcome this alternate flood and drought. This is true since for every problem there will be a solution. But definitely we need people’s participation for this.

During this period I had my first experience with the People’s Planning Programme, commonly known as Janakeeyasutranam. I worked for Karakulam Grama Panchayath, which is adjacent to the City. Here I tasted the joy of working together with the common man and the representatives of the people.

My next sojourn was in an Irrigation Project in the southern part of Kerala. Here also I found joy in distributing water to the farmers, particularly to those who had not received canal water for years. Also I tried in this brief sojourn to rejuvenate the canal committees. The successful implementation of PARTICIPATORY IRRIGATION MANAGEMENT in Andhra Pradesh inspired me in this direction.

Then I got promoted as Assistant Executive Engineer and limited my activities as Technical Assistant in an Irrigation Project in Kollam District for an year. During this time, I gave my option to work in Local Self Government Department in Kerala State. I joined the LSGD on January, 2003 and worked as Assistant Executive Engineer in four Sub Divisions till June 2010, when I was promoted as Executive Engineer. I had executed over 20000 projects in LSGD as team leader. These include buildings, roads, bridges, water supply, irrigation, etc. Also I extended my service as a faculty for NREGS and taught around 6500 people on technical matters regarding NREGS (now MGNREGS). My association with NREGS, changed me a lot and forced me to vouch for watershed management and green constructions.

I got promoted to Superintending Engineer and posted as Deputy Chief Engineer on 4.04.2018 and took charge on 5.04.2018. I was able to discharge my duties as Deputy Chief Engineer in a humane manner and held the charges of the Chief Engineer for a week in between. During this time, I was able to attend a meeting of the MGNREGS personnel all over Kerala in the presence of the Hon.Minister Sri.KT.Jaleel and the esteemed and Hon.Principal Secretary Sri.K.T.Jose.

Then came the inevitable end of my official career. I retired from Government service on 31.05.2018 after serving a period of over 33 years.

One major contribution from my side to LSGD is successfully implementing a structural rehabilitation work in LSGD for the first time. This was done in a dilapidated structure in Poovar Higher Secondary School in Trivandrum. The successful completion of this work triggered a series of rehabilitation works by LSGD engineers in Trivandrum District.

Looking back I am indeed satisfied that I didn’t stop studying engineering with my classes in the Engineering College. I was and am a student continuously persuing my studies throughout my life. I never ever missed a chance to further knowledge.

My activities are not limited to my official duties and acquiring knowledge. I have been taking classes for my colleagues and students of engineering colleges in Trivandrum and Kollam on my favourite  subject ‘Concrete Technology and Structural Rehabilitation’. I was Secretary of the Thiruvananthapuram Centre of the Indian Concrete Institute during the period 2015-18 and a council member of the Indian Roads Congress during 2015.

I am much honoured that the Engineering Council of India granted me the title ‘Senior Professional Engineer’ consequent to my contributions to the engineering field.

I am a member of various professional bodies as enumerated below.

FIE     – Fellow of the Institution of Engineers (India)

M-ICI – Member, Indian Concrete Institute

M-ASCE – Member, American Society of Civil Engineers

M-IBC – Member, Indian Buildings Congress

M-SSPC(I) – Member, Society for Surface Protective Coatings, India

M-IRC – Member, Indian Roads Congress

My engineering career is now continuing through HIVETECH Builders, of which I am a Director.